Hello there

-Hey!- He said

-Hey!-The other replied.

-Can you hear me?-

-I can always hear you.-

-Ha! I forgot mate.-

-Now, that is rude. Have we not shared a life together?-

-My apologies mate, but sometimes I forget you are even here.-

-Not to worry, it’s nice to hear your voice James.-

-You too Gerald.

And so they spend the rest of their lives constantly reminding each other that they lived side by side without being able to see one another.

That was until Autumn came along when both snapped from the branch that was holding them that Gerald broke his silence as they both fell softly to the ground.

-James, is that you?-

-Yes Gerald, it is me indeed.-

-Never took you for an old fellow.-

-Can say the same thing about you Gerald.-

-Well sir, it is lovely finally getting the chance of meeting you. You know tête à tête…-

-Yes it is indeed. Well, you have a good day sir.-

-And  you too sir.-

And as they landed a wind breeze pushed them far from each other towards the horizon.

-Till next time Gerald!- Screamed James as he flew into another direction

“Till next time, till next time” Though Gerald as he flew away.


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