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The Brain Drain

The City of London was having its weekly meeting with its bodily parts. From Liver and Arms to Head and Eyes, all gathered that day to discuss the week’s most pressing issues.

Veins was the first to jump into the scene. He was quick to raise the point, that the continuing traffic and clogging of its venues were a direct result of the rapid increase of new Fatty arrivals and intense incentives to attract Cholesterols resulting from the relaxed border agents working for Mouth . The motion, familiar to everyone present that day, was backed by most and hence it was agreed that Mouth would have to submit a new T-10 Counting Form for any new foreign body that came in. Cells, a small but powerful lobby in the Committee, modestly celebrated in silence as a new era without Alien Cells was about to begin; however Mouth knew that if he swallowed quickly he could bypass the new law and decided to keep silent for the time being.

With new bill passed, Cells saw the opportunity to introduce more severe and immediate regulations, which as some present observers may recall: were hesitant and premature, such as the one to impose a new congestion tax for Transitory Cells. Liver, in his own right, argued that the initiative was unwise as Transitory Cells were investing heavily on infrastructure and developments. Spine on the other hand, a close allied of Cells, said that  T-Cells were pushing electrical capacity to their limit and soon it would be in the hands of the committee to build another power central which at the moment was way out of the question.

Testes called Spine a sell out and negotiations soon broke down. Chaos reigned for the remaining part of that day’s meeting.

Everyone was out-of-order; Arms punched Stomach blaming her for not solving the acid addiction in the East End; while Nerves went berserk after hearing of electricity over capacity which made Legs all jumpy as he was always sensible of Nerves’ reactions.

In short, it was total mayhem and while chaos went on and off, Eyes, who was usually silent and observant, noticed that someone was missing, someone who usually brought order and sense, someone everyone else listened irrespectively of the status of their Immune Department, specially Ears, that someone was Brain.

It was then that Nose smelled Eye’s unrests and in less than a minute everyone turned to Eyes and understood that Brain wasn’t there. They all looked at each other in total perplexity.

Why was Brain not at that day’s meeting?

Had he not received the memo?

And so they went out into the corridor and searched in the nearby rooms, probably he was lost somewhere around the ovaloid building that oversaw the river.


Nowhere could he be found.

Time was ticking and most of the delegates had to resume their functions and could not waste any more time, as if they did, London would come to a halt as it had done the previous week and the one before that, and even the one before the one before that.

After few minutes of fruitless effort to find him, everyone decided it was time to go back to work and resume activities so the City of London could continue with its daily activities.

And so it happened that day, like many other days in the body of London that not much progress was made. Some issues were addressed, but as the rational voice was missing, little was really done… Cells continued facing foreign bodies, Mouth continued letting them in, and so the perils of daily life in London continued.

Later that day, as Eyes and Fingers were closing the register books and going over the budgets for the coming weeks, they noticed a rather strange detail in one of the pages.

It appeared to be, that someone was using London’s credit in one of Paris’ gentlemen’s club…

Little did we know, that later that week and indeed throughout the coming year, similar events happened with the Brains of Tokyo, New York and Paris and increasingly with those of Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Moscow and Others.

However, much we know now from historical records, that sluggish progress was made to address the issues of the bodies respectively and that the Brains tried endlessly to meet with others as much as they could, leaving the rest of their parts without any reason to do:



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