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The most important thing

The one to remind of the most important thing. The first one, that post-it. Soon it is eclipsed by two more, other things to do. Years pass, and soon that important thing is forgotten, not because it is less relevant than before, but because it is lost below a sea of yellow posts.

Other priorities, time to change. I loose myself. Who was I, where was I? Time to despair. The wall is full and I feel like a fool, it is yellow and not so mellow. I start to look, but every time I feel a spook. So much things to do, but maybe just one or two.

The years passed and I moved on, though not knowing why or so. A new stage in life, and maybe time to settle priorities right. My wall is clear and there is no reason to fear.

So there it is  a pile of yellow that reminded of a previous fellow. So I wrote what I though it was the best and my most important role.

That yellow paper would show me the way everyday. But one or two more things appeared so, and so another yellow until it filled all the corners…


3 thoughts on “The most important thing

  1. hey tilon,

    i am following your blog now for a longer time, sometimes more, between i forgot it as well.
    i couldn’t say why your texts fascinates me. now i recognised. would you please answer me my question why you are writing?


    • Hi:
      Hey Fran:

      I appreciate you enjoy my writings. Sadly I have been off from the blog for a couple of months because I am finishing writing my first novel.

      As for the question, it is kind of difficult to answer, if you could be more specific then I would gladly respond.



  2. Hey tilon,

    At first i want to congratulate you to the decision of writing a book.
    One part of the answer is in ”finishing my first novel”: I often asked myself why someone is writing in such a level for free and give it so simply away on the internet. I found it is a pitty, that some of your ’’stories’’ are not accessible for more people.

    Difficult to specific my question 😉 What I noticed as interesting is that your first (or one of your first) articles was about (maybe in?) a change of life, (i interpreted) you wrote about the boringness in your daily job. I try: Is it for assimilating impressions? To give impressions further? Your stories are manifold and creative. For getting response or come in discussion with other people about? To be productive? To be admired? Maybe the answer lies in the question: What do you feel / or for what are you hoping when you finish an article and put them on the internet? I understand when this question is to intimate …

    About me: I don’t write professional. My writing is limited on mails to friends. I think when i write i put my inner life outside and clear my head and feelings with it, like cleaning up my apartement. Hope i could get my idea across this lines. English is not my first language …


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