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Maybe later

After a few minutes she said: “I love you”, to which I replied: “Me too” So we stayed together for years and years, and everyday it was normal to repeat those three words… One day, as I was sitting in my old chair gazing at the sky I wondered if all those times I had said those words I really meant them; I was confused. So the years passed, not much but they went by pretty fast and we were still together and old. One day as she was lying in bed about to die I had confess to her:

“Honey, all those times I said I love you, I wasn´t really sure if I meant it, you know…I am so sorry.” She looked me in the eyes.

“You know… me too.”

“I love you.”

“Me too” She said this last words as her eyes lost that energy that separates the living from the dead.

Maybe I´ll ask her later again…


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