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My two cents

Grandma Abigail used to say that I should always save every penny I had. In fact it was the only thing Grandma Abigail used to say, nothing else. One reason she said it a lot, was that she had lived the 29 crisis in flesh and bones, so I guess it is understandable that she saved a lot, every penny; I can say that it was a little bit too much, but who am I to judge the old lady.

So I grew up and Grandma Abigail died of old age, she was 104 I think, but no one knew exactly how old she was. I felt nothing when she died, and that made me a little miserable, how come everyone was upset but me? So prove that I did care for Grandma, I took the only one advice she gave, to save every cent starting that day.

The thing is that I had only two cents in my pocket and truth is that I used electronic payments most of the time. So I emptied the two cents into my cents saving jar.

Years passed and soon I was an old man myself. My grand kids came to visit me every once in a while which made me happy because my wife had passed away and I was a little bit lonely, but not miserable, I was ok. I always told them to keep away from the jar, until one day when they were big enough to understand the complexities of life, one of my grand kids asked me what was inside the jar. To that I replied:

-My two cents, of course.-

-Two cents? But what good can you do with two cents?- I had though about this a lot throughout my life, and the answer was simple, nothing. Two cents are worth nothing at all. In fact I spent great deal of my free times trying to find a use for those miserable two cents.Then I realized, that every time I came about the jar, it reminded me of Grandma Abigail. I guess that was what the old fart was trying to do, to remember her, and it worked.

-Well, you know, you have to save every penny worth. You never know what the future holds. So never let go of your pennies, although they may seem worthless, don’t let go of them.-

-Yes grandpa.- And so they went off, and every time they came to visit I reminded them to save a penny a day, though they were rare and scarce.


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