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Going for a run

After running for more than half an hour, Horse 1 realized that Horse 2 was missing (he was his dearest and long time friend ). Where could have he had gone? Horse 1 stopped immediately, and instead of planning in what direction he should start his search for Horse 2, he got incredibly worried about his mental health. Horse 1 was getting old. What could he do to slow the process of getting old?

Maybe running a little bit more, they say, he thought, that jogging keeps the body young and healthy, so he started trotting again. Yup, he was a dashing across the plain keeping an open eye in case he ran across Horse 2.

The day passed by and he ran and ran, not even wild mustangs could keep up with Horse 1, for he was determined to slow the ageing process.

Night had fallen and Horse 1 was exhausted, so he decided to call the day off and head to the pub. Inside, he found his racing mates Horse 40 and Horse 3 having a pint of beer. He asked for a beer and sat next to them. So they talked for hours, until Horse 1 remembered that he had lost Horse 2 while running earlier that day.

-Guys, do you know where Horse 2 is?- He said. -I lost him.

Both Horse 40 and Horse 3 looked at each other confused.

-What do you mean, you lost him?- Asked Horse 40

-Yeah, today while running together, I lost him.- He replied.

-Horse 1, Horse 2 has been very sick the past couple of months, memory bacteria, remember.- Suddenly Horse 1 felt a deep and striking chill running down through his spine.

-You mean, he’s been in his Château all this time?-

-Yeah, you should know better.-

Horse 1 stood up immediately and remember the reason he was running earlier that day, he did not want to age and catch a similar disease to that of Horse 2. He got extremely anxious and paid for his drink.

-Where you headed Horse 1?- Inquired Horse 40.

-Well that is obvious…for a run.-

Ever since that day (we think…) Horse 1 did not stop running. Sometimes he lost Horse 2, sometimes he lost his mind, but we know that he kept moving, and these my dear sirs and madams is the important part: keep moving.


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