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It (pt. 2)

So Toast went to the sock drawer and took out some regular old fashioned socks, he was convinced no one would notice since the rest of his outfit was so elegantly arranged that not even Giorgio Gabana would notice. He slid his right sock and then the left, but suddenly he noticed something unnatural, something strange, something that no human being had ever experienced before.

He started to panic, Toast did not know what to do next, it was as if the whole world was on the verge of collapse and he was the only one there to testify such hideous event. Why me? He asked constantly to himself. But no answer came, for he was alone. All these descriptions we know because in his declaration statement he wanted us to know exactly how it happened.

So Toast went on panicking for couple of hours, until he decided to call us. As you may notice from this past report, not much makes sense, and I would sympathize with you if you think all of these is ludicrous. But the truth is that it simply happened… When Toast finally managed to get in touch with us, for him it was too late, but we decided to carry out the ordeal.

So we went into his home and asked him to describe exactly how it had happened. As I said before, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary until he was about to try out his left sock. So we tried reversing the process hoping to get an answer and we achieved it with certain level of success. We traced back Toast´s steps until we ended up in front of it. Just in that moment did we realized it made perfect sense for we were in front of it, face to face, cara a cara. It was just simply unbelievable, no explanations needed.

It was the washer, that old fashioned white box that carries the daily chore of cleaning our clothes. Just then we came to our senses, that maybe it was the responsible of the whole thing. We started questioning it, but without success. Where did you hide them? Why did you do it? And so and so we tried almost every method, but it would not talk.

Until now we do not know the real reason why it did it, why it exterminated or maybe exiled all the left socks of Mr. Toast. It remains behind the bars, and as it appears to be, it will not ever talk about those left socks.

Mr. Toast sadly had to get rid of all his right socks because he just could not carry ahead with his life knowing the left partners had disappeared forever. We know that Mr. Toast refuses to use any kind of foot hat and that he only wears flip flops.

As for me and my colleagues at the force, we shall continue in our search for the lost left socks of Mr. Toast. And we will not fail, and it will sooner or later give us an answer.


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