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It (pt.1)

For it to survive, it needed to have the correct conditions. Air temperature, moisture, proper connections, sink, and well most of the things you need for it to work. But why does it need to survive? Well for starters we do not know the real reason we keep it alive, but some in the scientific community suggest that it exists in order to keep us clean. The debate could go for ages, and I do not wish to address these issues for there is a greater thing concerning it.

A few days ago, a certain gentlemen, whose name I cannot remember, but last name resembled Toast, made an emergency phone call addressing some disturbing things about it. For 30 minutes, Toast´s declarations revealed that not only something was terribly wrong with it, but that it had committed one of the greatest, if not the greatest, crimes of all times. Let me be honest, some say the following did not represent any crime at all, and the only thing I have to say is

At about 1030 Toast declared that he was taking out his clothes from the laundry machine. Everything went that went into that laundry machine was ordinary, you had your casual jeans, colorful shirts, dirty and smelly socks and of course the flamboyant underwear. According to protocol it can be induced that everything went quite alright and there was no reason to preoccupy, until the wash cycle was completed….

You see, at the beginning, as Toast took his clothes out, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary, just like good ol’ times. And so he went and took care of making the proper arrangements to store his clothes in the drawers and the closet; so he says.

The morning after, he got up as usual and after taking a long and refreshing shower he went on to dress up for work. His elegant trousers fitted smoothly, while his shirt shown with pomposity and joy, and let us not leave his beautiful new jacket that suited well for the cold weather. One last thing remained, his polished shoes, only one thing separated his shoes from his body and those were his socks.


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