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The line

It was there that I met them. For a few hours we were a family. Like brothers and sisters, we tried to be up to date with their life. Sometimes, though, it was hard for some were secretive and locked in mystery their doings.

Sometimes we laughed and sometimes I wanted to strangle them. Those few hours were spent like an eternity surrounded by multitudes of people. And they were also part of families, not mine, but a hundred others that shared a similar situation.

Some of us sang songs. Other damned the system. Others talked politics, while some talked love. Me, I was just there watching the show, not saying a word, just absorbing the world.

We, the family and I, were strangers amongst strangers. No one really knew each other, and we all had our reasons to suspect of one another. Yes our family was strange and full of strangers, because in two hours no one can create a family, just an illusion, a story or a dream.

Those were the days or best said, that was the day when I was part of an imaginary family, where my brothers and sisters were a bunch of total strangers. Yup that day at the endless line at the amusement park.


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