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The green meadow

He was held at an interrogation room, they did not know the reasons behind de crime. One of the officers walked in and started the inquire him.

“Good morning Patrick.”


“I know it’s been a long day, but until we do not get what we want, we cannot continue the trial. Do you agree?”

“I agree.”

“So might you be so kind to explain us, why did you commit the crime?”

“Officer, I have told you before. How long will this keep going, I mean I’ve told you everything there is to say.”

“But we are not quite convinced. Would you be able to tell us again what happened?”

“Ok, but this is the last time. No more repetitions…agreed?”

“I cross my heart and hope to die.”

“You better.” The criminal sighted and began telling the story of his crime. “So I was there, you know in the green meadows. The sky was blue, the grass was green and the colors were flying in the air. Never before had I seen something so beautiful. I was lost, just woke up from a dream to realize that I was in another dream. Could you imagine going from a beautiful dream to another even more splendid and glorious?”

“No. Surely I don’t?”

“Well that maybe the very first reason behind my crime. But not the last. I walked and suddenly I encountered a furry white rabbit. Sometimes they come in brown or in black or even in many colors at the same time; but he was white. Have you ever seen a bunny officer?”

“Sure I have. But I suppose not as beautiful as the one you saw.”

“Now let’s not use sarcasm. An I did not say it was beautiful, in fact he was deplorable, not because of his looks but what he had with him.”

“And what did he have on him?”

“A little piece he was holding. From the distance which where I was standing I could not make what was it that he was holding so I had to get closer to the creature.”

“And then?”

“Well officer, he had some piece…a piece of advice!”

“A piece of advice!”

“Yes, and do you know what did it say?”

“No I do not know what that piece of advice said.”

“I said: ‘Dear sir, you have to leave the green meadows for you are not welcome here and will never be. If you do not comply by midnight the consequences will be dire.´”

“Just that.”

“Yes officer, but when someone says that something will be dire, you might as well do whatever is ordered.”

“And what did you do?”

“I left the meadow, of course I did.”

“But why, you did not know what the consequences were?”

“Dire consequences officer! DIRE!”

“So you left?”

“Yes, and I walked until I left the green meadow and was no longer blessed with the colorful beauty. On the other hand I entered the dry lands. The grass was dry and yellow. The sky was gray and gloomy. And there were no bunnies, there were only bones.”

“Bones you say? What kind of bones?”

“Well dead bones. The ones that were part of the living before they became bones in the dry lands.”


“For me it was not interesting at all, it was just boring and sad. So I left the dry lands. Every moment that passed I just wished to be back in the green meadows, but I was forbidden to return.”

“And that´s when you arrived to our town?”

“Yes, it was then that I arrived and found this forsaken town.”

“You know, before your arrival, this was not a forsaken town. Remember that is what we are accusing you.”

“Ah yes officer. I know why you accuse me. I know that, but you know as well as I do that it is not solely my fault.”

“How come?”

“When I arrived you had troubles yourselves you see. Your major was tumbling, the water was scarce, the money was gone and yet you preached progress and order. My arrival was ideal. Blame the stranger. The one that comes from the dry lands, the one that was vanished from the green meadow.”

“So you admit that you were vanished from the meadows and that you brought pities of the dry lands?”

“That, I do not deny. For the dry lands host large quantities of disease.”

“So you confess?”

“No! Because I am only guilty of not having a permit to leave here. Is that a crime officer?!”

“It is. But that is not everything. You will not pass on to us your disease, and for that we are vanishing you from our town.”

“Officer you know that sooner or later the people will know you are to take the blame for the dry lands and not me.”

“Perhaps, but they do not know that now.”

Patrick was exiled from that town which name I cannot remember. His punishment was perpetual banishment. As he travelled east and west and north and south, he passed through various places that remembered him to the green meadows, but he could not stay there long. Then he went to other places that were exactly like the dry lands but could not survive there for it the earth was in bad conditions. And he was again and again put on trial on the numerous towns he entered. His crime: bringing disease from the dry lands.

Little do we know what happened the latter days of his life. On the other hand we know that the first town from which he was exiled; that is, my town, turned into a dry land.

Now we travel east in search for the green meadow.


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