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Coffee and raindrops

Coffee was sad, for he was only popular at several times during the day…he wanted full-time popularity.

Reality was cruel for Coffee…

Then the flip flops walked, swap, swap they said. The coffee waited and waited but the flip flop faded away.

It was 7 am, popularity time. Coffee is happy, fame and glory. But 10 has come, and gone.

Coffee’s luck was drawn.

Summer was here and Coffee was forgotten. For a few months he felt rotten.

But then he heard: Galosh, galosh. No more flip flops.

And one and two, and three and four…yes his best friend was here.

He knew popularity was just around the corner. And contested it was, for his best friend was everywhere.

Rain drops and rain drops.

No problem Coffee thought. Raindrops made sad faces.

While Coffee, yes Coffee, made them smile.

Coffee watched Raindrops and vice versa, and both smiled.


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