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Hot Lands

Far away in the forsaken region of the Gobi Desert, there was Taurus V the lost fan of the Europa. He was an old and rusty fan, yet he was tired of not finding a place hot enough for him to freshen up people.

The story of his journey is quite long, and it is not worth mentioning the details, for it is full of excitement, love, despair, agony and reflexion. To keep it short, we know that Taurus V started his journey in the lowlands of the European Mediterranea, where summers got extremely hot and humid. That said, for Taurus V, the climate was mediocre on those regions, and he needed a challenge, real people, real issues.

So he went and embarcked in a small vessel that carried him towards the coasts of the ancient Fenicians. It was there that he learned of the hottest region on Earth in a place known as Is-Raiel. But there was no one there and there was everyone there; but all were fighting for something or someone he did not understand; he thought it was all the same.

He then crossed unto the lands of Persia, and well he thought the same of them to. In the shores of the Caspian he joined a crew of beluga fishermen. There he helped the tired sailors to relax after the long day’s work. But he found the foul smell unbearable and had to leave his fellow fishermen behind.

On the delta of the Volga he headed north until he arrived to Qa-Zan, a city in the banks of the majestic river, where two huge cultures lived in harmony. Taurus V liked it there until winter came, he found himself useless and his circuits were freezing. In that republic of the Tartars, Taurus V waited for the winter to fade away.

It was until the icy rivers melted and the first flowers of spring bloomed that he decided to continue. He then boarded a train called the Trans-Sibe-Ryan, he crossed and crossed the infinite steppes of the Sib-Rya, until he arrived to a so called Lake Bahi-Kahl. But it was not hot enough.

So he travelled south, until he arrived to the country of the mounted horsemen. “Travel south, there you will find what you search” One of them said to the fan. So he mounted a horse and went south. He arrived to his current location, where he has lived almost a decade.

Taurus V now forms part of an elite of fans that serve the great masters of the Ori-Ent, and although he may seem rusty and old, he feels accomplished to serve the new masters of the lands. Mounted in horsemen he rides to serve whom is in need of some refreshing breeze of air.

But that is not all there is to Taurus’s V story, for there is more. And for me to narrate it completely, it would take ages.

Let’s just pray that Taurus V continues to serve mankind for the years to come.


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