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That thing

A pigeon watches over me. He or she, (I don’t know the gender) has been staring at me for the past four days. I will not go into detail on what I’ve been doing these last days, but the pigeon knows it, all my secrets. Now, I am afraid that that thing will fly away and tell the whole world what I’ve been up to. The pigeon knows and I know. When I look at it, I stare into his gloomy red eyes, it returns the look, and we both stare at each other for minutes. “I know” Damn…

“Aren’t you going away?” I shout. But it stays, it does not go anyway. That thing, that flying rat. Suddenly it makes a sound: “Kru, kru.” I don’t know what that means, so I go to the web and try to translate it into human speak….but nothing, there is no match found.

“Kru, kru.” I say.

“Kru, kru?” Replies the pigeon.

Hell I don’t know where this is going. So I stop my conversation with the pigeon. I try to go back and continue with my stuff, but the damn thing is still staring at me. I throw a piece of paper, it flies and lands again. I close my curtains, at least the pigeon won’t be able to see what I am doing.

The next morning I open the curtain a little bit, just to get a glimpse outside. It is still there! “Kru, kru”

I need to put an end to this madness. So I call the police. They come.

“What seems to be the problem sir?”

“That thing won’t go away.” I walk them to the window and show them the pigeon.

“Sir, you are under arrest.”

“Wha-Why?!” They point at the table, where a bunch of diamonds lye peacefully.

“It seems you are the architect of the diamond robbery that took place five days ago.”

They handcuff me. As I am leaving my place I try to get a last glimpse at my enemy. I shout: “Kru, kru!” Suddenly the pigeon moves its head and flies away.

…I should’ve closed the curtains earlier.


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