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Election day

Somewhere in the far away land of Aporua a celebration of a kind was about to take place…The newest member of the Parliament was going to be voted in. Yes dearest friends, this was one of the most anticipated events in recent times….at least that is what papers said. But in reality, no one cared that this new member was going to be sweared in.

His name was His Excellence Don Braulio and he was the new to be president of Aporua, and although no one knew who he was, he knew he was he. He was the newest leader of the Union and he was about to  be granted enormous powers. Yes gentlemen, Don was living his dream, and all he had worked for had finally come true.

The day of his coronation was grand, and he was blessed by Big Father Angopolus Swan, the Union’s top bishop. And so he parted, Don the great camel went on to rule the people of Aporua.

As years passed, the people continued living their life as usual, until one day a great spell was casted upon them: some sort of crisis no one understood. So they searched and searched for a solution, but because they could not understand what was going on, they could not come with a proper plan to tackle it.

Finally, they remembered that there was a certain someone, Don, that was in charge of everything. So they went to his headquarters and demanded an explanation, but he did not appear. After days and months of waiting, he finally appeared. Everyone waited at the city square just in front of the Union’s hall, and so he appeared, His Excellence Don Braulio. Everyone was silent at first, and then hours passed and they were still silent, then days passed and no sound.

“A camel?” One said.

“Well it looks like it…”

“Who put him in charge?”

“Well…I think we all did.”

Afterwards one of Don’s helpers appeared and whispered into his ear: “What should we do Your Excellence?” But he did not answer for he was a camel and he could not talk. His helper faded secretly into the building. At the square everyone remained silent.

“Amazing, I had no idea we voted for him.”

“No one did…”

Everyone left and went on to their homes. Everything continued as before, and suddenly life returned to normal. And again it was time for elections, but no one cared and again His Excellence Don Braulio was made president of Aporue.


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