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Brain wash

The art of brain washing has long perplexed the general population. For ages men and women have been victims of this mysterious method to transform people’s thoughts.

Today, thanks to extensive research done by Dr. Jack Gaterswick, the mystery behind brain washing has finally been revealed.

In an interview realized a few days ago with Dr. Gaterswick we were able to know before anyone else the secrets behind brainwashing. Consider this an exclusive from our correspondents. When asked what was the main secret behind brainwashing, Dr. Gaterswick replied that it was no secret, that it was in front of us all along. Supermarkets, pharmacies, showers, virtually everywhere we went. He said that we just took it for granted.

But we needed detail, so we asked him again what things were used in order to carry out a successful brain wash. He said it was soap, liquid soap made it easier. But not any soap, it could not be cream soap or any other fancy soap, just regular and cheap, because those are the ones that reach almost everyone. We were quite confused and amazed and so we asked him how could soap do the trick. He said that back in the times of the pharaohs, Egyptians discovered that they needed to control its population, so they devised the first soap for brain washing activities, it was just the soap people used to clean their clothes. After he explained that Egyptians were the pioneers because they learned that one needed not to cut the skull open and take the brain for a good ol’ wash, but it could be sent via the nasal orifices.

Today, he noted, agencies like the CIA, FSB and Mossad use similar archaic methods, although they have devised a kind of washing machine where the suspect puts his head in after been forced to inhale the soap, this with the goal of achieving the best wash ever and a clean brain.

So there it is folks, the mystery has been revealed, next time think twice about buying liquid soap.


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