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The Missing Link

Crowds gathered around, the newsstand was surrounded by herds of people, like cattle they all pushed each other to have a glimpse at the newspaper. It was one of the greatest news of recent times. But what was it? For hours they gathered but some just could not achieve to get a look at the headline. Suddenly as a man was coming out of the storm, a young student asked him:

“What is it?”

“Boy, you would not believe it, but we found it!”

“What?! What?!”

“The missing link has been found at last!”

“No way..”

“Yes way. I tell you they did it! Now everything is clear, we know where we came from. Isn’t it a great relief?,,,,”

“Yes…but, what was it?”

“It was simple, apparently it did not end in .com but in .org. I can’t believe it, why didn’t we think of it before.”

And that was the day humans understood where the missing link had gone.


6 thoughts on “The Missing Link

  1. ha ha i like this. you might like the post i wrote “the truth and chickens.” go to my blog, “truth and rocket science” to see it. do you mind if i blogroll you on mine?

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