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What is a polick?

Sometimes there are times and sometimes there are policks. When there are times, people just gather around to celebrate, to have a glass of wine and to forget. Times are always there and everyone has at least lived them once. Call it luck, call it faith, call it whatever you may want, sometimes there are times.

 On the other hand there are policks. Policks are extremely rare, and compared to times they do not come that often, in fact we do not know when they come and usually it is extremely hard to predict them. But some of us have lived through policks, the thing is we do not know if we are living a polick or not. There are sometimes that we are certain we are going through one, but most of the times they are just deja vus (which have nothing to do with policks).

 Policks are all around us, but hard to detect and so far no one has come up with a proper device to spot them. Some that have experienced a polick described them as friendly, humorous and generous, others just say that they are correct and others are just speechless. That said, whoever has experienced policks has always been amazed by them; that is the main difference between them and times.

 So: What exactly is a polick?

 We just don’t know.


2 thoughts on “What is a polick?

  1. Hey Tylon,

    Have to pay you a compliment again …

    your texts are great. You have an intelligent style and houmor; the topics you write about are great. Your view is always distant.

    In anticipation for more blogs …

    … frenzy

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