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Spaceships one and two

Space ship one and spaceship two were the most advanced spaceships in the galaxy. Everyone envied them, from the King of England to the ruler of Andromeda 28. They had everything going, Italian design, Japanese electronics, Mexican food, Russian engines and Sri Lankan colors…they were one of a kind.

 Unfortunately they were lost… lost in space. Apparently their spatial GPS/Glonass malfunctioned as one of the pilots prepared some burritos in the spaceship’s own microwave (yes it also had a microwave…amazing no?) Ministers from all around the galaxy declared a state of emergency, level yellow red they said. The search was on.

 Years passed, but spaceships one and two were never found. Everyone wondered what had happened, and many books, films and songs were made about them.

  One day, Old farmer Leonard Hamil, was selling fruits in one of the outer rings of Orion’s belt, when a spaceship stopped to ask for directions. Old Leonard said he did not know, for he only sold fresh fruits. “I’ll take a bunchfull of those juicy apples for the road.” Old Leonard dispatched them some fruits, and as they were parting off, he noticed that one of the left panels of the ships seemed very familiar, he then realized it was one of spaceship one left panels!

 “Where did you get that panel sir?”

 “Nice eh…Well I got them from the junkyard down at Kepler’s region.”

 “Kepler’s yard?!”

 “Yeah…apparently everyone sells their stuff in there, but this beauty…well let’s say I just got lucky.”

 “So you are saying it was just a piece lying there?”

“Yup. I guess the previous owners had a really nice ship, but got greedy and sold it. You know I would have done the same.”

“You know, me too.”

 Everyone knew what had happened to those celestial spaceships, but everyone had done the same. So for centuries people did not say a word about spaceships one and two.


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