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Harvest Moon

Once there was a song called harvest moon, and Ronald Man, a noted farmer, did not know it. One day he heard someone talking about the Harvest Moon, and Ronald thought people were actually going to the moon for a great harvest. Unfortunately, people did not know what was he talking when he asked them about a harvest in the moon, he was frustrated and thought everyone was hiding it from him.

So he embarked to build a space ship. Ten years passed and Ronald Man was ready to take off in his spaceship full of grain. BUM! BUM! And there he went up towards the skies and into the unknown. His wife, kids and grandchildren said goodbye as he disappeared into the skies. A day passed and he finally landed in the moon. He went out but could not find that harvest, the Harvest Moon.

Ronald returned o Earth with empty hands. Everyone at his village greeted him greatly, celebrations took place and he was received as a hero. His wife, kids and grandchildren were all so happy to see his Ronald back that they cried of joy as he came out of the burnt spaceship. He could not understand.

They were all sitting at a big table having dinner, a great feast, when suddenly he heard someone talk of this Harvest Moon. He immediately went and told him there was no harvest, no Harvest Moon he said.

-Oh Ronald, you obviosuly did not listen to the song. You are a Southern Man after all. And the Harvest Moon, well… you have it all around!


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