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The laughing door

Gentlemen, please bare in mind that there is a huge threat which man kind has not had the trouble of solving. It is real and has been for the past thousand years, ever since men invented it. Yes, gentlemen I am talking about doors. For years doors have looked down on us, it is amusing since we are their creators, but no…doors seem to feel superior. In the end they decide who’s in and who’s out; that is, dear sirs, the ultimate power. Why isn’t there any superhero with a door like ability?

Some may think that doors are inanimate and have no voice whatsoever, well all of those who think that way are wrong. You see, there was a man called John Updike and he worked in the fourth floor of an old building which had an antique elevator which was fully operational. It was one o’clock and only one thing passed through John’s head: lunch time. So he headed out and called the elevator, as the elevator arrived he swung the door open and has hit in the face, the door bounced back and closed. As the door jumped from one place to another, it started laughing. John forgot the door had just hit him and was surprised the door was laughing at him.

He stared at the bronzed colored door for a few minutes, waiting for it to speak again, he was not sure what to do if the door spoke again, but he felt really insulted. Nothing… Jason Cull came out and called the elevator again, he saw John and knew something was up.

“Hey John, everything all right.”

“Yeah…the thing is the door just laughed at me.”

“The door just laughed at you?…”

“Yeah I swear…it was like, you know when doors laugh?”

“John…let me be honest. I don’t know what you’re on, but surely it most be really strong.”

“Oh…you are right probably it’s just me going loco.”

“Shall we?”

And both entered the elevator. However that day was of up most importance, for the whole human race for it was one of the few times men made direct contact with the doors.


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