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Whistle game

John Pastor was new in town. He moved because he was offered a brand new job, and although he was happy at his previous home, this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

As the first weeks passed, John was getting used to the new city, from buses and  crowds to rush hours and local foods. But he felt lonely.

One day as he was walking back from work he heard someone whistle at him. He turned and searched for the mysterious person but could not find him or her. As he was entering the building where he lived, he heard the whistle again. He stopped, looked up and whistled back. Then he heard a femenine laugh and that was about it. John Pastor smiled and went into his home.

Ever since that day, everytime he came back from work he exchanged whistles with the mysterious woman. He did not like his job, but was always eager to arrive home and listen to that femenine laugh, which made him smile.

They never met, but knew they needed to keep each other company…in whistles at least.


2 thoughts on “Whistle game

  1. hy tilon,

    my english teacher educates me by reading your stories, we laugh and discuss about them. they are great!



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