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The Key Master

Pierre was the key master. He had about 50 keys in his belt. The only problem is that he never used them, not even his home key for his wife opened the door for him. Pierre was getting old and poor, and never quite knew where all those keys went into. On his final days, he decided to live the keys in one bench along the sidewalk, next to it read a sign: “Feel free to take any of these keys. I do not know what they open, if you are up for the challenge, go ahead…Sincerely, Pierre.” So many people gathered and took the keys, fifty keys, fifty people, and that was enough for the town had only fifty one people. Pierre died that night. The next morning everyone stayed home guarding their entrances, for everyone was now wary of the neighbor. Eventually the town dried up, food stop coming and people stop working, guarding their houses was their main concern, for anyone could have the key….


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