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Mr. Bottle

The drummers were drumming, the sun was burning and the flies were buzzing. Meanwhile Mr. Bottle was standing, we wished he could do otherwise, but that was the thing about being a bottle, one had to live by the rules of the bottle bearers.

On that day, Mr. Bottle’s life changed forever. A bottle barer was passing by with Mr. Bottle in hand. The sun burnt and he was out of water, Mr. Bottle was no longer of any use to him, but for some reason he did not dispose of the bottle. Suddenly he walked into a placed packed with flies, buzzing around his ears and head, the bottle bearer tried to drive those hairy creatures away with the aid of Mr. Bottle.

After a few minutes of swungs and bams, the bearer successfully drove those creatures away. Thanks Mr. Bottle he said. He was coming out a narrow street and just as he came out he was surprised by a group of street drummers. BUM BUM BUM! His immediate reaction was to let go of Mr. Bottle.

Mr. Bottle ended up rolling down the street along the drummers, the bearer followed trying to catch his savior. Wait! Wait! The bearer shouted at the drummers, but they could not listen for the drums drummed.

Finally they stopped at a small city plaza and one of the drummers picked up Mr. Bottle. The bearer went immediately and shouted: he is mine, that bottle is mine! The drummer was perplexed and thought the bearer was a little bit crazy. As the bearer rushed towards the drummer a sanitary department truck passed by, the drummer seeing the state in which Mr. Bottle was, discarded it into the truck.

No…it can’t be. Said the Bottle Bearer. Why did you do that? The drummer did not what to say. It’s just a bottle man. He then gave a coin to the bearer and signaled a vending machine that was on the opposite corner. The Bearer walked silently to the machine, inserted the coin, heard a few sounds and suddenly Mr. Bottle appeared.

I missed you Mr. Bottle.


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