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Paper Man

Jimmy Carrot went to sleep at 11 o’clock one night in April, the events that to place next were quite out of the ordinary.

He was in his pj’s and had a kebab for dinner. In a few words he was tired as hell. He closed his eyes at 11 and fell deep asleep. Suddenly at 3 or something like that, he woke up, but he felt he was not him. You see, he opened his eyes only to feel his left eye, he did not feel one of his hands and one of his feet. In all he felt like a one dimensional creature.

He did not feel his stomach, nor his brain or inner bodily fluids. He did not know what he was. What was a human? What was he? He was some kind of paper man.

You see folks. Paper men are a real. They are people whose brain is working in strange ways that makes one feel only in one dimension. For those of you who are thinking that it most be some kind of marijuana overdose or some drug related experience, well you are wrong. Paper people exist, all around, only if it’s for a few minutes they are everywhere whenever night falls. So be sure next time you are using your scissors, you are not using them on paper people.


One thought on “Paper Man

  1. I knew that there were plastic men but Paper men I didnt knew!!! Thank you Oh Wise One, thank you so much! Now I understand life and the purpose of meaning… thank you Paper Man… Thank you…

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