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They were created with one purpose, to connect. They, the blackies, the longs, or simply cables as we know them colloquially, are one of men’s latest and most important creations in the past century.

But there is one hidden secret that was not told to us when these spaghetti like creatures were created. After the first successful cable was breathed, the scientists understood the importance of these little fellows and so did them. It was just weeks after their creation that cables landed a deal with men: they would pretend they were inanimate objects and serve men only if they could lead a separate secret lives while unseen by the human eye.

So, next you open a drawer, or take out your video game control cableand fin out that is full of knots, remember it is no coincidence for there is another truth. Maybe you shall install CCTV to keep an eye on these wary creatures.


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