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The Train

Langston waiting while enjoying a Cuban cigar

Langston waiting while enjoying a Cuban cigar

Taking the right train has always been kind of an acquired ability. And although cities often offer maps and timetables, people seem to get it wrong with a certain regularity. But there was one man in a city whose name I do not recall who knew always what train to take no matter where he was, he had an innate gift that gave him the ability to take the correct train, his name Sir Langston Troyes.

Yes gentlemen, Sir Langston Troyes, was an elegant man, refined, healthy, had its way with the ladies, and knew what train to take. Sir Langston Troyes was a desirable fellow. He was always dressed correctly, with a tie, a cup hat and smoked the most exquisite Cuban cigars. He had  a ravishing moustache that appealed even to youngsters who though of Sir Langston Troyes as a dandy. But he was far from being a dandy, he was much more than a dandy, he was always on time and knew timetables.

What a wonderful human he was that Sir Langston Troyes.

One day however, something was off the usual. To be honest I do not know what was it that smelled funny that day, but there was definitely something going on. Sir Langston Troyes had to take a train to Ulan-Bator, the capital of the Popular Republic of Mongolia, one of the largest landlocked countries in the world. So it was that he boarded train number 9. He went into his cabin unpacked and prepared for a nice long journey to the vast steppes of Central Asia.

Ten days had passed, and Sir Langston Troyes readied up to the arrival to the central station of Ulan-Bator, but as his watch stroke 10 o’ clock the train did not stop. Something had gone terribly wrong. Sir Langston Troyes panicked. Where was he heading? What country was he on? But most important, had his great gift just vanished to eternity?

He could not communicate for he did not speak the language. He had only one option to wait and see where the train was heading. Two days passed and the train finally made a stop. He opened the curtain and saw something written in Cyrillic: Vladivostok. What the-?

Suddenly in the train station someone was trying to wake up Sir Langston Troyes. “Sir, sir”. Langston opened his eyes. He turned and saw the name of the station: Waterloo. “Your train sir, its about to leave.” Langston got up, and headed into the train with final destination to Ulan-Bator.

Yes gentlemen, that day will be remembered as the day Sir Langston Troyes almost missed his train. Luckily his gift is still intact.


2 thoughts on “The Train

  1. Sorry to disapoint you but Langston is smoking a joint not a cuban cigar… Yeah I know… Langston is a stoner…

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