The Bird

Sir Birdoo

Sir Birdoo

As it is known, pigeons are the masters of the cities. From skies, plazas and train stations, these humble birds rule our daily urban life.

Their life may seem simple to us, but inside the bird’s society there is a highly complex organizational structure, where all pigeons respond to only one: the supreme bird, the master, Don, the bird of birds- Sir Birdoo.

Sir Birdoo is always accompanied by two sparrows (Sparrows are known to be the humble servants of numerous pigeon leaders), which are on the watch all the time in case someone drops any crumbles of bread or just about any kind of food.

That said, one morning, Sir Birdoo received a call from some pigeons living in the lower part of town. They informed Sir Birdoo of a mysterious egg that appeared on the roof of that building. Sir Birdoo went immediately to the scene and was surprised to find a huge egg. Because he was the supreme bird, Sir Birdoo had to know who the egg was from, but he did not. The other pigeons asked him, and had to come up with something in order to calm the wary birds.

Sir Birdoo could not risk having a larger bird in town, for he would lose all his power. -It is a terrorist egg.- He said. -A terrorist egg?- Said Clive, the fat pigeon. -Yes, and we most search for similar eggs, for they represent a greater danger to all of us. Now go and search for these threats. Go!- Said Sir Birdoo.

Once they were gone, Sir Birdoo, tapped the egg with his elegant cane to see if there was something inside. “tap” “tap” No response. He then asked his sparrow servants, Nelson and Willy, to use some morse code on the egg. “pip” “pip” Nothing. -Break it- The sparrows made a small hole in order to squeeze their head a search for any life. “swoop” “swoop” Both were swallowed inside the egg. Moments later, their small hats were spat out of the egg shell.

Sir Birdoo, took his hat off, closed his eyes and dedicated ten seconds of silence to his humble servants. “Krrruu” He called, and Craig and Leonard arrived, the local sparrows. -Fellas, I got a job for you. Carry that egg to a high altitude and drop it.- He said. -But it will break, Sir Bridoo- said Leonard. -Exactly, do not question me. Just do as you are told.-

-Yes sir-

Yes it was another’s day work for Sir Birdoo. Anything he could do to maintain the pigeons status in the cities. Sir Birdoo returned home and signed a law which banned all suspicious eggs in the area. Yes my dear sirs, if it weren’t for the actions taken by birds, we would be surrounded by terrorist eggs. Thank you Mr. Bird.


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