Master Clean

This is the story of Master Clean not Mr. Clean. Curious to say that they were brothers. Master Clean was the older brother of Mr. Clean. He was not handsome, and had no charms with people, but was the cleanest man on Earth. His brother was the opposite, handsome, charming and loved; but was messy as hell.

Master Clean went to college and graduated with honors in the cleaning department. Afterwards his career started, but he met no success. Mr. Clean did not graduate at all, but due to his charms and looks he started a highly successful business that the entire world knows of. Unfortunately not everyone knows that Mr. Clean is a fraud. He was only lucky. He had to shave his head because his hair was very dirty, it even had some kind of unique ecosystem. Master Clean on the other hand, had to retire to the forest were he dedicated entirely to clean the forests.

Sadly to say, no one visits Master Clean. But he does not care, he only cares about cleanliness. And that is everything that maters. Mr. Clean on the other hand just makes things messier.

Life goes on. And we keep choosing Mr. Clean, when we should be choosing Master Clean.


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