Johnny Surfer

Johnny Surfer had only one goal in life: to surf the whole world wide web most commonly known as the www. Every day and every night he would go about visiting every site known to man…from social networks to real live explicit porn sites. He had it all going, site after site he was making his dream come true. 60 years passed and Johnny surfer was about to complete his odyssey, but something went terribly wrong. One Saturday morning as he finished breakfast he turned on his computer try to log in to the Internet but could not .He tried and tried. Next Monday he received a letter. Dear Mr. Johnny Surfer, due to the lack of funds, we are obligated to terminate your contract with us. You will no longer have access to the Internet. Sincerely, Network Guy. Johnny Surfer was devastated, so close and yet so broke, not a penny in his wallet. He then went got the newspaper and proposed something entirely new, to try every job in the classified section until he could get an Internet connection.


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