The watcher

He lived in the fourth floor. Across, he could see lots of apartments on other building, but it was only in one that he was really intrigued. It was also the fourth floor from the building just in front. Every day as he prepared dinner and checked his e mail, he could watch a woman watching TV, he was not interested in the woman at all, but on what she was watching. He could never make what channel was she watching. So he would turn on his TV and see which channel matched hers, but none of theme did. First he thought she had cable, then TiVo, so he got those providers, but without success for he could not match her channel. So the years passed, every night trying to guess, until one they he made up his mind to go and ask her. He rang the door, no one answered. Minutes passed, an old lady appeared, he told her that he had come to meet the lady on the fourth floor. Anna? Yes, he said. She’s gone. He learned that she had left that evening, where? The old lady did not know. He returned disappointed. The other apartment was empty, no TV. He gazed in sadness to the bright night sky, then as he was lowering his head he found something incredible, in the fifth floor of the Art Noveau building some lady was watching tv, so he sat down and as he ate his dinner he tried to find what was it that she was watching.


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