The greatest mystery of all times

Throughout the centuries the human being has been surrounded by a load of mysteries, from the mystic ruins of StoneHedge to the dazzling pyramids of Chichen Itza. Great thinkers, scientists and rugby players have all wondered how they got there and for what purpose were they built. A part from those mysteries, there is one that has been almost forgotten, the mystery of the missing sock. These hat like clothing that keep your feet warm have perplexed humanity from the beginnings of time. It seems that one day we fall asleep and the next day we wake up knowing that one sock is missing. Are they alive? Do they posses certain level of intelligence that we do not know of? Where does the missing sock go. Alien abduction or just marital problems…The truth is that sometimes the mystery resolves itself without any explanation at all, and the sock appears out of the nothing. But most of the times it will be found only to find itself alone again, for his long life partner has gone of to the vast terrain of the dumpsters. Maybe it is faith, maybe coincidence or maybe we will never know. The truth is that there are millions of there out there, all waiting for an explanation.


One thought on “The greatest mystery of all times

  1. The missing sock does not posess any level of intelligence what so ever….it is the dryer that comes alive when no one is watching to feed on socks. There is always a sock missing after doing laundry…..ALWAYS!! Fucking little bastards

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