Peas’ birthday

Every year Pea was eager to celebrate his birthday and every year he was disappointed for nobody remembered or attended his party. As with many, Pea, was a little bit disappointed by the life the Vegetable realm had to offer. One day his dying uncle told him: “Pea, if you remain like that for the rest of your life, you are going to end up like me, there’s still time to change, there always is.” Peas’ uncle died minutes later, and this disturbed him a lot. He took his advice seriously and went to become great Pea, but still his birthday remained widely forgotten by everyone. One day as he was going into his house, he opened the door and was taken by surprise. Happy birthday they all cried. Pea turned around to see if someone was behind. Everyone remained still. Pea suddenly remembered it was indeed his birthday, but he had forgotten. He was very happy, he went out to breathe the fresh air, when giant silver force came down and took him away forever. Yup, Pea had only one real birthday and it was taken away.


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