Harmonica Joe

Harmonica Joe was born into a family of harmonicas, (when I say this, it’s because they were really harmonicas). His dad was a doctor, in fact he was the only doctor in town, his mother managed a small restaurant that attended sailors and he had two older brothers, Harmonica Esteban and Harmonica Marvin; both who were prominent sailors. Harmonica Joe, being the youngest had special attention from his mother and his father, but was often treated as a baby and never taken seriously. He was about to finish high school and his parents asked him what was he going to do when he got out. A harmonica, he replied. His parents said nothing and went to sleep. Harmonica Joe was surprised by their reaction, why didn’t they say anything? `The day after he was at school chatting with some friends, and told them what had happened earlier that night, to his surprised they also reacted in a strange manner. They told Harmonica Joe that he could not take the path of the harmonica. Why? He asked. Well, you just can’t. They replied. Harmonica Joe was disappointed at life, his friends and family did not approve of the life he was going to choose. His brothers were sailors, what was the difference? His dad a doctor, friends wanted to be lawyers. He just did not understand. But harmonica Joe had made his decision and was to become a harmonica. The day arrived and Harmonica Joe started his journey to become a Harmonica, he said farewell to everyone and went off.
Twenty years passed, and no one knew what had happened to Harmonica Joe. They did heard however, their familiars and friends, that there had been a hugely successful case of a Harmonica making its appearance in various stages around the world….


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