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Nylon City

Nylon was The greatest city on Earth; everything worked: trains were on time, buses were efficient and food was incredibly delicious. Now, having it all, could any person on earth ask for anything else? The answer is yes. You see, dear sir, about three weeks ago a couple did have the nerves to protest against the city of Nylon. It was about 10 in the morning when Joanna and Jean noticed that there was something terribly wrong. One of the arm guards in a bridge was shifted off by a quarter of an inch! Oh yes, this was preposterous for a Nylonesse for their city was meant to be perfect. Afterwards, the young couple headed angrily towards the city council, were they protested before the mayor. After that the council got together and passed a bill to fix all arm guards in the city: a total of €1 million. After all, my dear sirs, Nylon was THE greatest city and nothing could be wrong; to see €1 million as a lot for such an insignificant problem would be to see the glass as half full and not the glass with plain water.


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