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The Worm

It was around 3 o’clock in the morning and I could not go on. Not only was the weather too hot to bare, but my head was about to explode. Headache? Migraine? The flu? No, none of those things were hijacking my health oh no! It was a small worm that had infiltrated my system a few hours ago. Now, you maybe wondering why the hell did I let that thang inside my head? One simple word: depression. Earlier I had a deep episode of depression. I did not know where it came from, or how spontaneously it attacked, but everything was going to pieces. My neurons were speculating for months that this was going to happen eventually, but those were speculations. Now I was facing the crisis, and had no idea what to do. Some neurons broadened the synapses between them, for they had no credit to maintain closer ties with each other. The situation was critical, but luckily we got our act together and managed to come up with an emergency plan: the Worm. With the worm we deduced that the depression would end, that serotonin levels would go to their original rates and dopamine levels would bounce down. So we went ahead and approved the bail out plan, and launched the worm operation. It was 3 o’ cock and I could not go on. The worm was killing everything and taking everything by surprise, not only did it not resolve the depression, but the neurons were starting to withdraw everything from the Cerebellum Central Complex. I needed to kill it, but it was to late, other parts were already affected by the worm. I only hope that at 9 a.m. everything will clear. For now, my dear friends I have nothing else to do, but to sleep.


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