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Samuel prepared all his life. He was a hard working fellow and everybody saw him as a hard working lad. Decades had passed and finally he was about to get the job he worked his whole life for. And that day came sooner that anyone could imagine. His first day, he was gazing through the huge window, realized, as if nothing else mattered anymore. The secretary entered and gave some papers to sign, suddenly his eyes went blank and his soul was lost in the abyss. He soon realized that he understood nothing of what the papers contained. He then went to Magda his secretary, and she explain he was in top lawyers firm. He was devastated, he was back to the initial job he detested. Then he went to Penny, the lady that was in charge of arranging his glorious promotion. He asked Penny, what the hell had gone wrong, she did not understand. After a few minutes of revising papers, she realized that she had made an terrible mistake. Samuel then asked if she could fix the wrong doing, she said that it was done, and nothing could be done. Samuel kept pushing, and after a few days of exhaustive work in the computer, Penny finally made it, she was about to succeed in giving Samuel his dream job; but she pressed the wrong button….ERROR.


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