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The day rats spoke out

Millions of them, everywhere, many refer to them as vermin, some just as rats, and other radicals call them the pest. You see, for many centurions vermin have been living parallel lives with the human race. In logical terms, vermin should be our closest allies in the war against terror, but reality differs, for they are just victims of our own actions. Few years ago a renowned journalist who was exploring the lands of the East shared an experience which was left unnoticed in the western world.

This is the article published in a popular magazine two years ago:

As I went further into the unknown , something seemed to disturb me, but that something, I did not know what it was. So I followed my gut and tried to ignore that gruesome feeling. This land, you see, is a land that a few decades ago was the place of a great civilization. For reasons of confidentiality, I shall not reveal the place, for it would be flooded by robbers, merchants and more; these because I would be revealing a horrendous truth to the world.

The smell is unbearable, it is like death itself lived in this area. But even death is prohibited to enter this land, for she would be terrified by the doings and happenings of this place. Why am I here? Many of you may ask. Simplicity, gentlemen, nothing more.

Three weeks, had I spent in this place, and even then I could not understand what had happened. Everyone seemed to know, but to my impression, they just pretend ended or ignored what had happened. I could not go around enquiring, for it was a dangerous ordeal and the answer was not in them, but with the other ones I was looking for, the vermin.

When I refer to vermin, I do not intend to talk about the gruesome species that inhabit the underworld of our cities, no, I refer it to the ones that live parallel lives in this place, ones who have a knowledge of the other underworld; the ones that know what happened here. But the search, after these three weeks has been in vane, not only have I failed to make contact, but I have failed to even prove their existence.

I do not intend to leave until I have found what I am looking for. And thus, I have asked my fellow local guide and translator to retrieve my findings and my writings in case I disappear.

A month of intensive investigation has finally shed some light on the vermin. I managed to get an interview with one. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of inner realization, but it was soon overshadowed by the initial disturbance I felt when I arrived to this forsaken place.

The meeting was all right, but nothing happened, the vermin talked a lot, but said nothing of importance. He knew what I wanted to know, so he just went around speaking worthless things. But not all hope was lost, for he said he could arrange a small meeting in their headquarters. They said they were going to contact me, and that I should get rid of my fellow translator. I acted according to their wishes, but told my translator that if anything was to happen to me, to get my journals, and send them to the publisher.

Until now, I have not been able to reveal something knew, only that the vermin are willing to receive me. That is no revelation, for everyone knows they exist, but does not know how they operate. I can say this, they transmit pure vile, and although I have no clear idea of their intentions I know they are brutal and cunning. I am about to embark to find out all of that, but my mind is uneasy and I have a feeling that nothing good will come out of these.

The following was all that was written by the journalist a few years ago. The publisher did publish the work, but it was received by skepticism for its confusing and unclear message. It was entitled: The day rats spoke out. And it is left to readers interpretation. One thing was cleared out by the translator months prior to the publication, the place was the city of New York


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