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40 years gone

The philosopher talked with the commoner for 40 years. Never in that period of time did they understand each other or did they ever agree in something; nevertheless they talked endlessly without interruption. One day a humble hot dog vendor passed by, he had seen them ever since he started his food venture, and until that day he dared to interrupt their talk. “Would you like a Hot Dog, gentlemen?” The two men stopped their chat, and for the first time in 40 years the chat stopped. “Well I am kind of hungry. I’ll take one.”said the philosopher. “Hmmmm, me too. Two Hot Dogs, please.” Said the commoner. They went about to eat their hot dog, when they finished their meal, both looked at each other and said: “I must admit, this was a very delicious meal.” “Agreed.” Said the other. The vendor finally said: “Well gentlemen my work here is done.”


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