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It was 6 o’clock in the morning, and something was going terribly wrong. As soon as the first sunlight hit the city the chaos began. Traffic jams, noise and people going crazy; and no it was not a normal day. Today was a special day, for something was about to happen. But for no reason the city was in chaos, as this new event required no movement at all, no street lights, no sellers, no taxis, maybe but just maybe, shoe polishers, nothing more. It was all going to happen at 9 in the morning, everyone awaited in silence for there were five minutes till nine. 3…..2…..1….0! As everyone gazed into their screens they could see that the new update was up. Everyone clicked on the download button, but nothing happened, the server was saturated. Click. Click. Click. Nothing. The computers froze and people started to switch them on and off. Suddenly the electricity went out, it was a blackout. Everyone waited silently for the power to come back, for everyone wanted to be first in the server. At exactly 10 in the morning there was a big explosion all around the city. Seconds passed and our fellow townsmen realized their computers had been fried by the strong electrical comeback current….. An old man walked about in the city park, he only thought it was time for everyone to buy new computers. “The update worked after all” He thought.


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