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Old man

Old man was too old, and probably in his last hours. But old man wasn’t quite done. And when I mean that he wasn’t quite done, I mean that he did not want to go alone; he needed to take as much people as he could with him, for he did not find it fair to go into another life. So he went on, dear friend, to think of a wicked plan to take everyone with him. Time was not on his side, so he worked around the clock, this obviously was about two hours. Finally he did it, and as he was about to execute his master plan, someone entered the room. Old man pretended to be asleep, as the odd fellow wondered around the room. Few minutes later he took a state of the art cell phone, whose model I am not in the liberty to reveal, anyways he made the call: “Ready sir. Should I proceed?” Seconds passed. “OK sir, I understand. Yes sir.” Odd fellow proceeded. Old man only hoped for odd fellow to leave the room as soon as possible. This, my dear friends, did not happen, let me tell you what horrible thing happened next, something so horrendous that to this day, no one dares to talk about it. You see, minutes later a lady entered with a tray containing a dish of jell-o, and old man loved jell-o. Minutes later he forgot his master plan and enjoyed his jell-o, but something was wrong, he started loosing energy and then he passed again. His last thoughts: “They knew of my plan all along, and they knew my weakness….” Old man’s master plan was never executed, but it still serves as great inspiration to those who don’t want to go alone.


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