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Little Spanish Guitar

Little Spanish Guitar waited her whole life to be played. But no one did. Forty years passed, when one day a small kid with a red bandana discovered Little Spanish Guitar. “Hello” said small kid. He heard no reply. Little Spanish Guitar heard noises but could not understand, for she only knew spanish. “Hello, hello!” repeated small kid. But no reply. Small boy left the room, and came later with an old man. “Hello” said old man. But still no reply from Little Spanish Guitar. Old man gazed for a moment, and left the room. Hours later he returned with a band of musicians. They all looked at Little Spanish Guitar. “Hello” they all said simultaneosuly to Little Spanish Guitar. No reply. Little Spanish Guitar felt frustrated, for she did not understand a word they said, worse, she feared she would be left alone for the next forty years. No! Not this time she thought. About fifty people were silently staring at the guitar when suddenly they heard something. “Hola, hola, hola, hola” Although they did not understand what Little Spanish Guitar was saying, they carried her anyways, and ever since she has never been left alone.


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