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On the line

Two days ago they made public the ultimatum: “It is your last chance.” The day arrived and we all knew that it was our last chance, but we had not done anything. He arrived on time, as always, and asked us: “OK you know today is your last chance, so this is the first question.” He went on and asked questions, which we tried to answer, we did not know, but then again we did not loose anything if we made up the answers. One, two hours passed and it all ended. He was silent for a minute, we all waited for the verdict anxiously. “Well” he said, “I guess you all did a terrific job, although in somethings you were not quite clear, you passed, from now on you won’t be on the line, you are all approved.” We looked at each other, and we all were very surprised. It was a risky business, but I rather try when I have nothing to loose than not trying at all.


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