Life / Random / The anecdote


I was an enemy of time. Hated clocks, timers, sand clocks, Rolex’s, everything. I knew time was ultimately win the war, so I just proposed a cease fire. Because I was stranger to time, years did not pass, days and nights did not exist; I worked out of society, were no one could be found. As I was drinking water from a pond, I saw the image of me, my reflection, and I noticed that I had some wrinkles in my face. After I sat down, and thought for a while, why did wrinkles appeared, since I had forgotten time?

Suddenly I heard some foot steps, I turned and saw a man dressed in black robes with long white beards.

“Hello Jacob, remember me?”

I found his face to be familiar, but could not quite remember who he was.

“Sorry, you seem familiar, but I do not recognize you.”

“I am an old fellow, whom you decided to forget, you even declared war on me.”

He spoke with a secure tone, and he was not lying.

“Jacob, your time has come.”

Inmediatelly, everything came back to me, that old friend, was indeed Time, but he was not my friend.

“But we agreed to a cease fire, remember?”

“Indeed Jacob, but today that agreement comes to an end. For your first wrinkle has appeared.”

The wrinkle, of course it meant something, but not that!

“Sorry Jacob but we have to go.”

“Just a few minutes more, till the sunset.”

“OK, but after that we are gone.”


I gazed that LAST sunset, and I realized that it was this one that I really enjoyed, because it was going to be the last time I enjoyed a sunset, all the others were just there and I never enjoyed them as I was enjoying this one.

Jacob and Time spent that last sunset together and after Jacob followed Time to the unknown for his time had come at last.


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