Life / Random / The anecdote


“The answer is…..48!”

“What! But I was sure it was 50.”

“Sorry lad, better luck next time.”

“Bu-bu-but, there won’t be a NEXT time….”

“I am sorry there is nothing I can do.”

“But there’s nothing else, I have nothing, nowhere to go.”

“Look kid, I have nothing against you, but that’s that. Why don’t you try somewhere else.”

“Somewhere else! Are you out of your mind! There is nowhere, weren’t you listening! I beg you I need this.”

“As I said before, I can’t help you, go talk to the supervisor.”

“The supervisor, he does not know anything, what good will it do!”

“I am sorry….”

“50, I mean I was close wasn’t I, there must be some exceptions.”

“It was close all right, but the answer was 48.”

The young man left, disappointed, thinking how was it possible for the answer to be 48. He could not understand why 48. He slept that night with one thought in mind: 48.

For rest of his life he searched the answer in order to get 48 and get in. He did indeed find the answer, and tried again. Excited to get in, he did the test, 48 he got!

“84, the answer is 84.”


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