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Hair less

The day had come. For almost five years I fought against my hair. Today was the day when it was all going away. I did not want to, but I had to. Why? Well let’s just say it had to go for no reason at all. So I started, at the beginning it tasted quite awful, but then I kind of got used to the taste. After a few hours I could finally see no more hair on my head. I felt soul less, but it was meant to be. Five hours passed and I started spitting hair balls, nothing could be done. So I spent the whole night spitting hair balls. It was horrible, never before did I experience such a feeling, but it had to be done. The next day I had a job interview, and one of the most important things was appearance, I was confident that I would get the job since I had a great image. Well into the meeting as I knew I was convincing the interviewer, I coughed twice, the first time just a regular cough, the second cough followed by a hairball. I did not get the job.

But it had to be done.


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