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About two pieces of bread were hanging out in the table. They talked about politics, and were aware of their faith. Time passed and one of the breads felt his time was coming, it was then that he said goodbye to his fellow bread-mate. Minutes later mustard appeared, and told them that both were to … Continue reading

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“The answer is…..48!” “What! But I was sure it was 50.” “Sorry lad, better luck next time.” “Bu-bu-but, there won’t be a NEXT time….” “I am sorry there is nothing I can do.” “But there’s nothing else, I have nothing, nowhere to go.” “Look kid, I have nothing against you, but that’s that. Why don’t … Continue reading

Random / The anecdote / The idea


“Who knows what’s an Udirket?” A man shouted from a far. “Me!” Replied one elegant fellow. “Ok then, what’s a Udirket?” “Well it is an Udirket and there’s no more to it.” “Are you sure?” “Absolutely, if you do not believe me ask my brother.” The man turned and asked the brother. “Well as my … Continue reading