Random / The anecdote

The Florist

They told me that some people sell cookies, others sell marble, but the most amazing was the one that sold flowers: The Florist.

It was that day that I was walking looking for some orchids there was a flower shop, but the orchids were incredibly expensive. I went on to look for another flower shop, but there were not others in town.

Suddenly, an old man approached me, and said care for some orchids? At first I did not say anything for it was the strangest thing, an old man offering the exact thing I was looking for. How much? I said. 20 kopecks. 20 kopecks! That was cheap, cheap!

YES! I would like ten orchids please. The old man said: Ok, ok, but first you’ll have to do something for me. You have to pass in front of the flower shop various times, so the salesman Robert can recognize you. Why would I do that? I said. Well you’ll see, you want the flowers or not? Ok, ok, I’ll do it.

I went a few times until Robert could get a glimpse of me. Now, now, here you are, ten orchids. The old man went away, and I made my way back to my house. I passed in front of the flower shop, suddenly Robert came out shouting at me. Hey you! Me? Yes you! What’s the matter sir? Where did you get those orchids? Well an old man gave them to me. What! An old man with a grey hat? Yes, yes that same old man….

Kid that old man stole those orchids from my shop. What?! Yes, but do not worry for you did not know. Who was that old man? I asked…..Well he was the florist of course. What! The florist? Aren’t you supposed to be the florist? Me? No, of course not don’t be silly!

So who are you? Who am I, you say? Who am I?…..Well I am Robert of course, and I am no damn florist!

OK sir I am leaving now. I made my way home, suddenly the florist reappeared. You! I said. You stole from Robert. Me? Are you mad son! I am the florist remember. So where does Robert get his orchids from? Well, from me of course! But why do you steal them back. I don’t steal them! I recover them. That Robert steals all my flowers. But I am an old man, an he makes fun of me, so whenever I can piss him off, I take the chance, just like today.

Oh…..I am sorry sir florist, do you want your orchids back? Don’t be silly!…..Just like that he disappeared, leaving no trace. I never saw the florist again, but one thing I can say: Robert lost his job.


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