Life / Random / The anecdote / The idea

Mr. Westphill

Mr. Westphill was your typical man. One day he was walking down the main avenue in Apple square. It was a lovely shiny day, and nothing seemed to be wrong. One could hear music and other noises such as, birds singing, squirrels munching nuts and old men playing with their teeth. Yes it was beautiful.

Suddenly Mr. Westphill started to get annoyed. The band of music was playing behind and immediately noticed Mr. Westphill’s troubled face. So they started to follow him hoping to cheer him up. More and more one could see how Mr. Westphill was getting annoyed by this band players; the thing is that they did not know this. Suddenly Mr. Westphill went into an outburst of shouts and cursed all of the band players.

Mr. Westphill was annoyed and left the scene, but our fellow musicians thought they had not done their part correctly, so they started to follow Mr. Westphill and again started to play.

Frustrated Mr. Westphill walked to his home with the band right behind him, nothing could he do, and that lovely day at Apple square was lost forever.


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