Life / The anecdote

An apple please

Yevegeny spent much of the last two years in the Gobi desert. He was eager to return to his homeland. After a five day trip back he was finally in the place he called home. For two years Yevegeny dreamt of eating an apple, and as there were no apples in the Gobi, Yevegeny was very excited to have one as soon as he arrived.

Bad news all over, there were no apples, so he searched everywhere. He could not find one. Then the locals explained there had been a protest against apples, so there were not going to be apples anytime soon. Yevegeny did not give up, and searched in the darkest parts of town. Suddenly he arrived to a dark alley and he saw a small sign on the wall: Fresh apples. He rushed into the place and asked: An apple please. The man on the counter said that  there were no apples in stock, and that if he wanted one he needed to leave a deposit. Yevegeny immediately left the deposit and waited for two whole days.

He was back in the clandestine store and asked for his apple. The man opened a box and took a huge watermelon out. “Sorry no apples, but the watermelons are delicious.” Yevegeny started to cry, so as the man on the counter. Few minutes later Yevegeny was seen at a travel agency. He had booked a ticket to Washington State.

He arrived to Washington State, and headed to the Apple fields. He saw an old lady and asked: An apple please. The old lady replied: Which kind. Yevegeny did not know which kind of apple, so he just pointed the closest he could see. Oh no, those are for commercial purposes. The old lady said. Yevegeny then asked where he could get an apple. To this the old lady did not answer.

So he headed for the city, where he finally saw a place that sold only apples. He arrived and asked for a red apple. $3.50. Said the salesman. Yevegeny searched and searched, he had only $3.50 left, but that was for his ticket back to the airport. He gazed at the apple, juicy, tasty apple.

An apple please. 


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