Random / The anecdote

The fellow

Everyday after my training sessions I returned home. My place consisted on two bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Strangely everyday one of the bedrooms was locked, and some noises came from the inside, human noises. You may be wondering why did I let that happen? First of all the door was locked so I did not know for sure who it was. Secondly it was interesting to imagine who or whom it was that was inside that room. And finally it gave me something to think about while I was at work.

But that day was different. The door was unlocked. The noises were still there. So I sat down and turned the TV on, I thought this would distract me, but it did not. As the minutes went by, my mind was deciding whether to open the door or not. I went through various theories, created new one’s, remembered similar scenarios in popular culture. Curiosity was killing me and the cat next to me.

The noises were getting more intense.I turned the vloume at its highest without any use, for I could not hear the TV. The cat started to get nervous, maybe he could hear it too. “What should I do?” I asked the cat. But he did not replied, something that did not surprise me. What was I to do? Open that door or not? Discover who was the mysterious individual inside that room or keep it as a mystery?

I imagined every possible scenario, and none satisfied me, none!

Finally I turned to cat, “Cat I will open that door right now, with or without your approval!” Cat gazed at me and in some ways he approved, I knew he did. I got up headed to the door. I placed my hand on the handle, took one deep breath and turned the handle. Nothing it did not open! How? What? The lock was on again!

So I come everyday after my training sessions, and wonder who is inside that room. I will never forget that day, the day I almost discovered who it was that was living under my roof, that mysterious individual who will remain a mystery to me and to all of us, unless, of course, the mysterious individual.


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